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Capabilities and resources

M&S is owned and managed by Joel Weill. M&S services are provided by multidisciplinary teams including, as needed, first-class experts in energy technologies and economics, green building, corporate social responsibility and risk management. M&S cooperates with leading law offices and civil engineering companies.

Joel Weill has 27 years of top management and engineering experience in the military and industrial sectors in Israel and in France, including 11 years as Vice President of ORMAT, a global leader in construction and operation of geothermal, waste heat and distributed "green" power plants. He established and operated ORMAT integrated management system for quality, safety, environment, training, risk and financial control (SOX), and managed business development, technological improvement and cost reduction projects. 

Joel Weill chairs the ICC-Israel (International Chamber of Commerce) Energy and Environment Commission, Israel Manufacturers' Environmental Management Forum and Israeli Committee of Experts on Energy Management. He has represented Israel in international conferences on energy, environment and corporate social responsibility. 

Joel Weill, M.Sc. in Materials Engineering, M.Sc. in Statistics (with a thesis on Risk Analysis) and B.A. in Economics, has lectured for years on energy, environment and sustainable management topics, in several universities as well as in all the major Israeli public and international conferences. | Phone: +972-(0)3-6351336