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In the 21st century, the long-term success of any business or not-for-profit organization is based on a management approach and practice combining the following:

  • Effectiveness - Achievement of the organization strategy, objectives and targets.
  • Efficiency - Maximum savings of resources and costsin all processes.
  • Risk Management - Identification, evaluation and prevention or reduction of all risks.
  • Compliance – Implementation of applicable regulations, including the technical ones.
  • Sustainability - Social and environmental responsibility, including energy eco-efficiency.

Since 2007 M&S provides consulting services to the public and private sectors:




Practical training, consulting and support which focus on the organization/project specific needs and lead the managers to daily implement a system approach and proven tools in the following fields:




M&S has a comprehensive  knowledge, international experience and provides the following services about energy  efficiency and management, renewable energies   and green building:

Integrated risk management: strategic, operational and financial.

Social responsibility, environmental and safety
management, reporting and compliance
to applicable regulations in all countries where the organization operates.



M&S  offers technological, economical and financial  consulting services to industries, construction companies, services, investors, banks, insurers and to the public sector.

Business development

M&S represents  suppliers of proven, cost-effective solutions and technologies  marketed to many countries.


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